In this episode of Confidence on the Go we’re chatting about

  • Big life changes – how to move on and through them positively
  • Turning the disruption of a life change into an opportunity
  • 3 things to remember in a season of big change

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I’ve had a lot of big life changes and adjustments – disappointed Olympic dreams, the decision to not pursue going pro in my triathlon career, being told no for my IOC dreams, changing careers, adjusting from a broken relationship, healing from my worst fear happening to me (assault by a stranger), finding myself broke, broken and lost in my mid-twenties, and plenty of failures –

For me, the key to moving on was learning how to move THROUGH first.

Moving THROUGH means sitting in the pain, processing it and working through it – not just numbing it. I used to numb it – with food, exercise, alcohol, etc. – but I was stagnant in my growth and my happiness reflected that.

Move through changes by –

  1. Identifying the full extent and impact on the change on your life
  2. Grieving the loss you feel
  3. Addressing the discomfort of change
  4. Reminding yourself of your strength and courage and ability to do hard things
  5. Knowing that this is a season of strengthening


Disruptions make us slow down and reconnect to ourselves, our strength and our desires – if properly processed, either on our own or with a coach, they can unveil undiscovered opportunities that we might not have ever discovered!

To turn disruption into discovery:

Look for the lesson

Find something to be grateful for

Consider every disruption a strengthening exercise

Spend time seeking clarity and vision

Repurpose your disappointment with determination

See yourself as multi-dimensional, multi-talented and multi-purposed

Remember that God has a bigger than for you than you have for yourself


1). Change is never comfortable for anyone.

You shouldn’t feel comfortable and it’s okay to have some anxiety. It’s what you do with these emotions that counts.

2). Change opens doors that you might not have ever otherwise seen.

God has a bigger plan for you – and He will lead you where you need to go – so even though something seems like it should not have happened, or you experienced a great loss, know that God works everything out for the good of those who love Him. Trust the process and trust His goodness. It’s should come to great relief on your soul that you don’t have to have everything figured out – you just need to willingly and openly show up each day of the change you are walking through with optimism and hope.

3). Change creates greatness

You become the person you were meant to be because of challenge and change – so though it hurts and it is hard, what you are walking through is ultimately the greatest training and shaping of your life. When you can see the pain through these lenses you can be more open to what is to come with positive expectation and with gratitude.



Hi Trish – you’ve really helped me a lot over 5 years or so.  You have made me feel self worth with you saying in your podcast that all of your listeners are family.  In Australia we’ve had a couple of former athletes commit suicide in the last 2 years.  They’ve found it very hard to deal with their careers ending and sometimes not on their own terms.  You have a perspective on this – could you do a podcast on moving on from a big life change ?

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