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In this episode of Confidence on the Go we’re chatting about

  • How to love yourself when you don’t remember who you even are or you have lost yourself along the way
  • 10 activities you can do to find joy again and so that when you find that joy, you open up your inner you to shine and be lovely
  • Conversations you can have with others to get support in this process or, if you are wanting to help someone see themselves for who they really are, what things to say to them to encourage them and love them.

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As always, a quick hello to all of my Keep the Faith listeners, thanks for being a part of this extended community of contagious encouragement.


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  1. Recognize that you don’t love yourself – know that there is a problem.
  2. Ask yourself why you aren’t treating yourself with love, what are you punishing?
  3. Reestablish your value – know that you are worthy of love.
  4. Spend time with God. He is love.
  5. 5. Write a 100-Love-Me-List and start looking at yourself differently.
  6. Ask others to tell you why they love you – seek affirmation and write it down.
  7. Remember that you define yourself and your future – not anything someone has said about you and not anything that has kept you back circumstantially in the past.
  8. Refuse to feel sorry for yourself – open your heart to the love that surrounds you.

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  1. Move your body – physiological movement activates joy in the brain.
  2. Go be kind to others – the first beneficiary of kindness is the person who delivers it themselves.
  3. Get outside and disconnect from online pressures.
  4. Color and get creative.
  5. Find a way to spend time with children.
  6. Do what you loved to do as a kid (I’m playing basketball again)
  7. Go play with an animal
  8. Get involved in a cause greater than yourself.
  9. Take an adventure – travel, explore, read.
  10. Express gratitude


Things to say if you feel lost:

I feel like I’m in a fog of life and don’t feel fully connected to myself and my heart – it makes me feel numb and disengaged, and I don’t like that. Can you help me talk through some of these feelings of overwhelm and just share with me why you love me or why I matter?

My head and my heart aren’t aligning right now and it makes me feel unsettled and anxious. I know I want to live differently and so I am asking people close to me to help me “find myself again” so that I can regain my self-awareness and clarity and get my heart back fully into living life to the fullest again.

Things to ask someone you love to comfort them and to start a deeper conversation:

I noticed you have seemed a little disengaged and distracted, is everything okay and would it help to just openly talk about it?

You mentioned you’ve been down recently and have been feeling overwhelmed – I’ve felt that way before too, and it feels like you are walking through life lost, which makes everything all the more overwhelming. I learned that I needed to reconnect with myself, my worth and my vision for life in order to regain my passion and my real energy again, and I did that by talking through it all with someone. Please know that how you feel is normal, but that it is not a way to live and that there is a way to change how you feel – I would love to be a safe sounding board for you to explore your emotions and to help you see yourself how other people see you.



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Good afternoon-

I have been listening to your podcast for awhile now. Actually, I downloaded your couch to marathon training plan years ago-that’s how I originally found out about you. I have found your advice to be very helpful.

I have been praying for about 6 months now for a change in my career. I’ve been following your advice in the podcast generally every week now for about 6 months.  Now-I was presented with two viable alternatives in 24 hours. One opportunity allows me to go into business for myself with some financial backing from my parents.  The other is being an employee but with a boss with a solid reputation and the opportunity to become partner. I would like a podcast (and also advice) on how when presented with multiple options to decide which one to choose?  I know this is nothing to complain about, but I want to do this carefully.


Your Friend

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