In this episode of Confidence on the Go we’re getting real about:

  • The three foundational pillars of self-belief and how to strengthen them in your life
  • 8 ways to create more self-belief in your life right now
  • Believing in the possibility of believing in yourself

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Self-esteem (confidence)

Self-courage (courage)

Self-efficacy (continuing on)

Three pillars to hold up the base of self-belief.

The better you feel about yourself, the better you will do, the better you do, the better you will feel about yourself.


  1. Find a mentor to speak life into you.
  2. Be bold in setting your vision – do it in silence and with pen and paper.
  3. Erase the limited ways in which you have boxed yourself in the past.
  4. Surround yourself with people who are pushing their self-belief to new levels
  5. Study successful leaders and influencers
  6. Minimize distraction and comparison, stay in your own lane
  7. Take more action – you’ll be surprised at how you will start seeing what is possible
  8. Saturate your mind in truth – with mantras, journaling, podcasts, notes, etc.


Refuse to live life with the expectation that the other shoe will always fail.

Refuse to live life with a defeated attitude.

Refuse to live life with stress and sadness, like the world is against you.

Expect good to happen.

Expect the impossible to be possible.

Expect life to get better and better.


The miracle doesn’t happen staring at the possibility, but rather stepping into the possibility.

Are you waiting for the possibility to happen or are you making it happen?

The level of your living is the level of your faith.

Your faith isn’t expressed until your behaviors gets in life with what you profess to believe.

You can have control, or you can have faith, but you can’t have both.



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Lauren Reed: Just listened to podcast #204-Numbing yourself doesn’t work. Boy did that one hit me hard! Thank you thank you! Waking up & acknowledging it is the first step. Now to work on it! You are amazing Trish! Thank you for all you do!

Also, Sophie Louise: I received your confidence mantras via email – thank you! Perfect timing!

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