In this episode of Confidence on the Go, we’re diving into:

  • Acquiring an abundance mindset, even in the midst of scarcity
  • Breaking the patterns of scarcity thinking that has been passed down
  • Five tangible ways to prove that you have abundance in life

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Just a quick hello to all of my Keep the Faith listeners out there – thanks for being part of the community of contagious encouragement.


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Abundance is not something we acquire; it is something we tune into. –Wayne Dyer

Abundance is the process of letting go; that which is empty can receive. –Bryant H. McGill

Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance. –Epicurus


Hiccups don’t disrupt dreams, unless you let them.

We are most equipped to acquire a mindful of abundance when we are in a place of scarcity or frustration.

These moments are game-winning moments. The game-deciding shot about which way the score will go – so, will you give into the stress of scarcity or will you choose to believe in more?


You are not obligated to think how your parents thought.

You are not obligated to believe how you always have believed.

You are not obligated to model the fear suggested to us by the world.

Focus on your power.

Focus on breaking patterns.

Focus on new beginnings.

Focus on what will work better for you.

Focus on what brings more peace to your heart and joy to your life.

Focus on how blessed you are.

Focus on staying in your own lane (fighting comparison)

Focus on every opportunity to practice abundance.

Mantra > You have an abundance of >









Business prospects

Dating prospects


  1. Slow down in the morning – take time for you – tell time you are its boss.
  2. Give generously – donate more than you think you can to a charity you care about.
  3. Invest in yourself – either financially or with time – you are worth it.
  4. Throw compliments out like confetti.
  5. Do something hard – and push yourself to go that extra mile (you have an abundance of energy and ability to do more than you think you can!)



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Choose your mindset

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Choose positive body language

Choose kindness and love

Choose growth

Choose possibilities

Choose contribution

Choose community – join us.


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Dear Trish,

I’ve been listening to your Podcast, “Confidence on the Go,” for several weeks – and like many, it just came into my life at a perfect moment. I’ve been feeling a lot of stress and what I now have identified as anxiety, much of which I feel is because of my inability to let go of control. I love your podcasts because I feel like you speak directly to me and things that are happening in my day-to-day, without even knowing me. I wanted to express my gratitude to you, because I don’t think you fully know how powerful your words and nature are to so many of your listeners, including me.

I was wondering if you might be able to help me a little bit more than you already have – and yes, I feel selfish even asking. I’ve begun to journal more and more, an exercise that has always been therapeutic for me but has always been pushed to the side because of the “I’m busy” excuse. I’ve been going back into your podcast episode notes to get the journal prompts, because I listen while commuting to and from work. I absolutely love writing the answers to your questions, because they always connect to something I have going on right now. Today I listened to “Letting Go of Control,” and I spent half an hour answering the five questions you asked – and I literally wrote in my journal that I felt “lighter” after writing about letting go. My question is this: you say that you write in a gratitude journal – how? I’ve tried searching online and can’t seem to find something I like, so I thought I’d turn to you. I know you are so busy and probably have better things to do than explain your gratitude journal to a complete stranger like me, but I thought, “It can’t hurt to ask!” Trish, if you have any suggestions for how to get started and how to maintain this as a daily practice, I would be so grateful.

Thank you for all you are doing for me and for many others each and every day. I look forward to every Tuesday morning!!!

All the best-


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