In this week’s episode of Confidence on the Go we’re chatting about:

  • Types of escapism in life that are numbing you from living a life of fullness and engagement
  • How to have the courage to start feeling when you possibly have spent a lifetime running away from it
  • The power of feeling your emotions

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Productivity and checklists / workaholic compulsions


Exercise compulsion

Food / binging or restriction

Drinking / recreation drug use

Crap TV

Endless scrolling on social media

Gossip and obsession with other people’s business

Anger and sarcasm

Sleep and lethargy


Self-destruction and self-sabotage


Allow yourself to feel.

You must allow yourself to feel to live a life you love.

You’ve gotta feel it to heal it.

When you do…

When you stop numbing yourself you can finally face your inner demons and make peace with your irrational fears

You will have healthy and real relationships

You will channel your pain into something creative and inspiring


  1. Make friends with feelings
  2. Know that emotional openness is strength
  3. Remember that you are stronger than you think you are
  4. Be courageous towards emotional discomfort
  5. Decide to not let your demons run your life through fear and avoidance
  6. Don’t be afraid to embrace positive change (and believe that it’s possible)
  7. Tell yourself better stories
  8. Surround yourself with mentors and friend who are open to feeling and growth


You face your real battles.

You open space for victory in your life.

You increase your emotional agility.

You connect more deeply with your Creator.

You grow from your emotions and learn to master them.

You learn who you really are and how you really feel.

You are better equipped to face fear.

You improve not only your relationship with yourself, but your relationship with others too.



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I’m excited to get started with you – and, if for any reason, you have issues receiving any of the videos, don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know immediately by emailing me directly at  I am here to serve you as your confidence coach because I know that, equipped with confidence, and a confidence boost of this nature, you can do anything in life and that you will be unstoppable as you courageous pursue contributing to this world in a way that matters!

Choose your mindset

Choose to be courageous

Choose positive body language

Choose kindness and love

Choose growth

Choose possibilities

Choose contribution

Choose community – join us.


We are waiting for you:


My name’s Lauren. I started listening to your podcast a few months ago when I searched the word confidence. I haven’t had the easiest life although on the outside most people assume that I have. I was the popular cheerleader, homecoming queen, friends with everyone girl growing up. Behind the scenes though, I never met my biological father and he died from an overdose when I was 13. I had a step-dad that pushed me to the side once he had his own children. I had some not so great relationships and at 25 met and dated a very toxic person on and off for years. At 27, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and a month after her diagnosis my younger brother was killed on his motorcycle at the age of 21. I’m 30 now, and I have a 9 year old son that lives with his father a state away. We have a great relationship co-parenting but of course being away from your child is very hard. I’m in a happy relationship right now but my boyfriend is going through a very hard life crisis. Having gone through a lifetime of pain, I’ve found myself giving him all the energy I have in me to lift him up. He’s in a dark place and while he tells me that he appreciates all that I do and that I’m the sweetest girl he’s ever been with I guess life and everything is catching up to me. I feel spent, worn down, and that I’m giving a lot of myself and not receiving the things I need to feel secure in return. I’m working a job that pays the bills and then some. It is not rewarding though and a drain on me mentally and physically sometimes. Reading over this e-mail, I realize how much of a pity party this whole thing seems. I was born with an artistic talent and a love for fashion that I would love to turn into a career but I feel stuck. I feel like I’m in a rut/crossroads point in my life. Basically what I was asking is that an outside view could hear my story and offer any insight to get me out of this funk that I’m in. I truly value your outlook on life and your tips for living the life you were designed to live. I’m a Christian woman and pray daily but I’m a human who gets discouraged. I’d appreciate any feedback that you would have. Thank you for being an inspiration and a weekly pick me up.

Love, Lauren

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