This week on Confidence on the Go we are:

  • Celebrating 200 episodes of this courageous and confident community
  • Honoring the power of rising up
  • Equipping you with 20 tangible ways to rise up

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Just a quick hello to all of my Keep the Faith listeners out there – thanks for being part of the community of contagious encouragement.

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We are a community – we are a movement – we are you and you are us – will you be one of the six hundred people to make a dent in this world today on behalf of this courageous community of confidence?

Inspire 200 of the following:

  • Random acts of kindness
  • Powerful acts of courage
  • Bold and engaging expressions of gratitude

Let me know on Facebook by sharing what you did and by using the hashtag #confidencecommunitylovemob


First, when have you risen up? Do you have an opportunity to do that right now? Sometimes we are called to rise up because of the oppression of others and sometimes we rise because of our own self-oppression, it doesn’t matter the source, what matters is what do choose to do – will you wait or will you rise?

Me >

Hidden eating disorder and insecurity

Crushing addiction to perfectionism

Abusive ex-finance

Scarcity mindset thinking

Raped by a stranger

Small thinking and self-limiting thoughts

Now, I rose, I rise and I will continue to rise >

Healing and body confidence

Worth and peace

Most amazing husband and relationship

Abundance thinking

Healing and gratitude – rock bottom revelations – no more fear in life

Big thinking and a desire to live to the fullest, whatever it takes

Rising up is speaking up, showing up and standing up for that which matters deep in your heart of hearts. It is fighting for yourself, your dignity and for the development of your own story and it is the fighting for the life, love and freedom in the lives of others through your contribution.


What defines us is how well we rise after falling.

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rock bottom because the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.

– J.K. Rowling

Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; choosing what is right over what is fun, fast or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.


The number 20 is homage to our episode #200 because I want you to take these 20 suggested strategies and then pursue them to the 10X level, meaning, whole-heartedly and with commitment, committed 10 out of 10.

  1. Train your thoughts.
  2. Be thankful for your rock bottom.
  3. Celebrate the opportunity to rise.
  4. Focus on the growth of strength you see in yourself.
  5. Speak bravely with powerful words.
  6. Ask for support, community and for what you want.
  7. Protect yourself from negativity and distraction.
  8. Renew your vision daily.
  9. Tap deep into your heart and calling by showing up emotionally with curiosity.
  10. Lean into the healing process and acknowledge your pain points
  11. Rewrite your subconscious thought patterns through pre-determined mantras
  12. Do one thing every day to challenge yourself
  13. Crate an accountability system for yourself
  14. Own it so that you don’t repeat it and so that you grow from it
  15. Focus on three-four power words to navigate your day
  16. Surround yourself with others who are rising and create community
  17. Remember that you are one of one
  18. Be disciplined in prayer and mediation
  19. Become a massive action taker
  20. Empower yourself to rise by remembering why it matters to you

“By constant self-discipline and self-control you can develop greatness of character.” -Grenvile Kleiser



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Choose your mindset

Choose to be courageous

Choose positive body language

Choose kindness and love

Choose growth

Choose possibilities

Choose contribution


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Chris Martin

Hi Trish,

I downloaded one of your running apps about four years ago and I started to get into it one summer of college, although I never thought of myself as a runner. It motivated me that summer, I started following you on Facebook, and guess sent you a friend request. Fast forward a couple months, school starts again, work, and everyday distractions and noises of life started up again. Academically I thrived, physically I started to become a well rounded individual. Lol

Fast forward a couple years, I graduated with honors having obtained multiple degrees, graduated the police, and corrections academy and am working full time plus in a law enforcement career. I work out regularly, but have just been maintaining the status quo without much diet control.

I did enough running to keep cardio up a bit, but it was just like any other chore. You did plant a seed in my head with the app, that now had long since been deleted due to storage capacity and lack of recent use, that I was a runner. I did not believe, and even rejected the notion but it would continue to echo.

Finally, I apprehensively signed up for a 5k to test myself and encourage me to focus more on cardio. The internal battle: “What am I doing? I am not a runner, those people are crazy.” And “I was told once, that as long as I’m out there running that I am a runner.”

Well, yesterday was the run. I had taken the day of, and after the run, off way in advance but had gotten switched to nightshift 2 weeks previously due to someone having put in their 2 weeks and shift staffing needs. I worked from 7PM-7AM, went back to my place exhausted from another long shift. I changed into shorts, t. and a thin sweater, and headed towards the run.

The internal battle continue to rage a bit, “You’re a fool. It’s freezing, you just worked all night and need some rest.” but I was already determined to run the thing that the demon of doubt had little sway.

I ran the race, and finished in the middle of the pack. The last mile I thought I had a good pace (for me) going, but an elderly lady passed me by like I was standing still. After much contemplation, I realize that she must be half cheetah! Lol

I found all the other runners to be extremely encouraging and supportive, and found the run to be very motivating and accepting of and for everybody. The scenery in the state park was gorgeous, and I found the entire run to be quite exhilarating.

You planted a seed in my mind years ago that I was a runner. I rejected it, fought it, and tried to take it out but it slowly started to take root.

Couple years after even deleting the source of the seed, the roots continued to slowly spread.

Finally, I gave in and I ran.

Soon as I got home, I signed up for another 5k come March. I re-downloaded the 5k app, purchased the 10k app today.

I guess I’m sending you this message to say thank you and that you are making a difference. An encouraging message you sent came across me about 4 years ago, and though I did not realize it at the time you made an impact and planted a seed.

Because of you, and your motivation I can honestly say, without any doubt, that I am a runner.

Thanks again,

-Chris Martin

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