In this week’s episode of Confidence on the Go we’re chatting about:

  • How set points direct and secretly dictate much of your life
  • Assessing your so-called natural set points and challenging change
  • Leveraging your set points to change your level of belief

Just a quick hello to all of my Keep the Faith listeners out there – thanks for being part of the community of contagious encouragement.


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The level or point at which a variable physiological state (as body temperature or weight) tends to stabilize.

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact. –William James








Visualization creates non-conscious patterns that carry out our desired, conscious beliefs and goals. Our belief determines our everything, so what is it that you believe about yourself, your potential and your purpose?


Questions to challenge and assess:

Do you believe you are capable of more than you give yourself credit for?

Do you believe you are able to live in abundance?

Do you believe that you have something only you can give the world? A purpose and calling?

Do you believe that you can train your thoughts?

Do you believe that you can train your belief?

Do you believe you can truly break patterns from your past?

Do you believe you can be unstuck?

Do you believe you can experience happiness that is sustainable?

Do you believe that life is getting better and better every year?

Do you believe that your business potential is untapped?

Do you believe you are capable of continually learning?

Where are your current set points, and where do you want them to be?







Really – put a statement to these categories and then decide if that’s the set point you want for your life. Often our set-points are small – I dare you to dream bigger. The only thing holding you back from your potential is what YOU actually THINK is possible for you or not.

Let’s re-create our set points.

  1. Own where you’ve limited yourself.
  2. Dare to think big.
  3. Write your new set point down.
  4. Believe and train that belief.
  5. Surround yourself with dreamers and achievers.

My own thoughts:

Physically – never thought I would be free from insecurity or binge eating – never thought I would see myself as beautiful – never thought I would be free from perfectionism, comparison and compulsive exercise.

Financially – never thought I would make six figures – until I did – and then never thought I could really live out my own business dream and create a type of coaching that didn’t previously exist – until I did – never thought we could tithe or be financially generous, until we did – new financial set points are to believe a multi-million dollar business is possible, to believe paying cash for my dream house is possible, to believe we as a family can be radically generous is possible .

Relationally – old set point was mediocre relationships – Brandon created a new set point – old set point of toxic relationship – new set point of boundaries and choosing the people I want in my life strategically

Generosity / Contribution – new set point to be radically generous and to launch water and wine charity … but I remember when a mentor of mine mentioned starting a charity and that thought was out of my set point realm

Intellectually – always have had confidence in my intelligence, but new set point of intellect is in business and strategy and helping others and trusting that God will teach me what I need to know as I go and grow – that God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called

Lifestyle – set point of happiness and family joy – location independence and the ability to be an at-home mom with a full time income and to create my own path – the belief in a marriage of equal desires and passion to explore God’s world and to grow in it

An even simpler way to train your belief – in three steps:

  1. Review your belief by visualizing it daily.
  2. Review your goals every day.
  3. Review the emotions you want for life every day.


Believe in your vision so much that it becomes part of who you are.

Belief takes you everywhere in life.

Change your belief; you will change your behavior. Change your behavior and your belief that your behavior matters, then you will change everything about how effective and consistent your behavior is – commitment will become easier and you will see the change you want to see in your life.


Will you share one of your new stretch beliefs with me?


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Katy Widmer

Dear Trish,

I started listening to your show about two years ago. Then, I was working in a job I hated, didn’t have many friends, and lacked any sort of self-esteem and confidence. So I searched through self-help podcasts and fell in love with your soothing voice and encouraging words.

As I began to listen in every week, my confidence grew, and with it, my awareness of my situation. I realized I was in an emotionally abusive marriage with an alcoholic; I had previously thought my relationship was typical, and that taking care of him was expected of me. I didn’t think I was worth anything more.

Listening to you directly changed my life.

I built up the confidence to show my creative work at interviews, and nailed a job as a writer.

I filed for divorce from my husband and spent a year focusing on loving myself.

Now, I live in my own apartment with an amazing puppy I adopted, something I’ve always wanted.

I know it may seem sometimes like your words fall on deaf ears, or that you’re not truly connecting with your Be More community. But I want you to know that, without you, I would likely still be stuck in a life I never wanted to live.

Thank you, and may 2017 bring you and your beautiful, inspiring family much joy.

Avec joie de vivre,


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