In this week’s episode of Confidence on the Go we’re chatting about:

  • Happiness habits, what they are, how to discover them for yourself and how to practice them consistently
  • How engaging your happiness habits serves the world
  • 5 questions to ask yourself as you create and establish your own happiness habits

Just a quick hello to all of my Keep the Faith listeners out there – thanks for being part of the community of contagious encouragement.


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“Folks are usually as happy as they make their minds up to be.”

–Abraham Lincoln


> Confidence in my small contributions (two small loaves story) – it’s not just about God’s provision to me, but about my place in the world, my ability to make a difference depends upon my willingness to show up in life just a little each day. Show up, just a little – offer God my little and have faith that He will turn it into a lot.

>Expression of gratitude. For my mindset to remain in a state of happiness, my commitment to the full expression of gratitude is absolutely paramount. I express gratitude in a myriad of ways – through gratitude journaling, through prayer and meditation, through notes to people I love and through verbal acknowledgement.   I firmly believe that the higher our level of gratitude, the higher our level of happiness.

>Positive music in the morning. What we put into our ears at the beginning of the day sets the tone and tempo for the rest of the day – not only is it important to guard your thoughts and attitude (because our minds hear what we think!) but to intentionally seek out positive things to put into your ears to absorb a state of contentment and positivity that will set you up victorious for the rest of the day.

>Intentional laughter, fun or midday break. This can look very different, depending upon your stage in life and your work circumstances, but I’ve always found a way to make this happen around 1 or 2pm, 4pm at the latest, whether at home, at work, alone or surrounded by others. Laugh with purpose and give yourself the gift of a moment of lightheartedness.

>Exercise. Exercise unleashes a full force of positive endorphins, and for me, the moment these positive vibes flood my body, I am filled with joy and optimism towards the day ahead of me. I feel good and my confidence increases, empowering me to feel capable and competent for whatever lies before me.

>Writing. My greatest indulgence of creativity and happiness are the moments I can steal away, my fingers fully engaged on the keys of my laptop and a blank slate of a Word document before me. Expressing myself through art and through the expression of my thoughts and ideas fills me with peace, and happiness, and gives me a definite feeling of purpose through feeling like I am truly contributing to the world.


  1. Your practice of gratitude enables and prepares you to be capable of doing more and being more.
  2. You become more alive, a more full version of yourself
  3. Your happiness encourages others, builds them up and invites them into life
  4. Your commitment to happiness habits teaches others that happiness is a choice


Some happiness habits are daily commitments, others are monthly or seasonal adventures, but all happiness habits are intentional and are the result of having spent time reaching deep down within to know what exactly it is that increases your joy and fills your soul. The key to the success of happiness habits is to study and ask yourself questions about why you really love to do what you love to do.

Here are the 5 questions to ask yourself as your figure out your happiness habits:

  1. What is one small thing you do daily that you most enjoy?
  2. What is one small thing you don’t always enjoy but that sets you up to enjoy something else more?
  3. What activities or actions give you peace in your heart and mind?
  4. What does a happy weeknight really look for you?
  5. What does an engaged, grateful, happy weekday morning really look like for you?

Now, put the concepts we’ve been chatting about into action this week – identify and write out your top three daily happiness habits. Once you have done this, write out 2 larger happiness habits (these could be trip-planning, traveling, family celebrations, etc.).



Dear Trish,

I am an old listener of your podcasts. I came to join your community coincidentally, when I was looking for some resource for stress management three years ago and stayed till now. I remember I would admire the practicality of “From the inside out” in our daily lives and it has been quite a pleasure for me to continue listening to your shows in “confidence on the go” episodes.

And most recently, in an international neuroscience conference (held by IBRO) I gave the students and Professors a copy of your “15 questions to help you discover your purpose” which you had introduced in “goal setting for success” to make them think why and what they want to do in their academic lives. I literally invited them to a challenge 😉 I guess it is going to be beneficial for all of them.

I am emailing just to give you a quick thank you for being out there as a helping hand to invite people to the #be_more_community.

I’ve always learned new things from you. Keep moving on the same path, we’re getting inspired 🙂

Confidently yours,


I’ve always learned from your podcasts, so I guess you wouldn’t mind if I try to add a point to the message you’re trying to spread out. Being a #be_moreer is great, but to keep being myself, sometimes I rephrase it the other way, #be_greatful_be_capable_of_more, mainly to have mores chasing me;)

As you mention in your shows, gratitude is a practice of our lives, so I’m only doing the same.

Mucho love back to you 🙂


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