In this week’s episode of Confidence on the Go we’re chatting about:

  • 5 ways to teach confidence to others through your intentional leadership
  • 1 simple trick to teach deeper confidence to yourself on a daily basis
  • How to implement the power of eye contact to feel better in the skin you’re in and to inspire others to feel the same way about themselves.

Just a quick hello to all of my Keep the Faith listeners out there – thanks for being part of the community of contagious encouragement.


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Be intentional about highlighting and speaking to people’s possibilities and potential. Speak to the possibility of potential and be intentional about not only seeking out the potential in others, but speaking to it and bringing it to light.


Train the mind like a muscle and work with others to teach them the power of their own thoughts and their choice over how they experience the circumstances and events of their lives. Invite others to establish a schedule for mindset coaching and communicate the value of mentoring the mind together through book groups, podcasts, open conversation, etc., in short, real community.


Understand that most often, the biggest hurdles keeping anyone from success and world-class output in their lifestyle are their fears and insecurities, so knock those hurdles down by speaking out-loud about them, sharing your own story authentically and working together so they know they are not alone or unique in the struggle. Help others make friends with fear by committing to be more familiar with it – by doing one thing every day that scares and challenges you (and as you do, you will carve your own confidence even more clearly.)


Give people permission to dream and to leave self-limiting, self-doubting, small goals behind them. Speak openly about your own short term, long-term and BHAG goals, and invite them to share openly with you too. Create a community where sharing vision and leveraging your attitude to the highest altitude it can go becomes the status quo, and by doing so, bold vision will become natural and more compelling to follow through on.


Confidence is contagious, and it is something that can be passed down by living out the example of choosing it daily. Set high standards of consistency for others by setting the example to always choose confidence, to not let fears keep you from stepping outside of your comfort zone and to redefine failure and setbacks as mere cul-de-sacs on the road to success. Tolerate only good thinking and approach the training of your thinking with the same seriousness and attentiveness that you approach the training of your body.


It connects us to ourselves with more self-awareness

Our eyes can read emotions and beyond what words express

Eye contact elicits confidence

It connects us to others and to ourselves on a spiritual level

Eye contact slows us down

It communicates to us that we are loved, we are safe, we are accepted


-Say “Nice to see you this morning!” to yourself

-Smile and look at yourself in the eyes for 30-seconds, be comfortable being still

-Seek to make eye contact with others, don’t be the first to break


Casey Reichel

Dear Trish,

I’ve only recently starting listening to your podcasts.  Every morning, I usually like to listen to Joel Osteen or Joyce Meyer on my drive to work and as much as I love their messages; I found myself searching for content that can really push me to become the woman God wants me to be.  Not that I’m putting them down, I just was looking for someone I could really relate too.  Searching through podcasts I stumbled upon “Confidence on the Go” and thought I would give it a try.

Since listening, it’s been put on my heart to share with you how thankful I am for the inspiration you deliver.  You give your whole self into each topic and it really allows me to be able to relate in my own life.  I’ve been recently feeling as though I have so much more to offer than just my normal daily routines.  I realized, I was letting self-doubt hold me back from stepping out and trying new things.  I was making excuses to not try a new fitness or art class in fear that I would look bad or not be able to keep up.  I even caught myself trying to push off trying on wedding dresses (I’m getting married in June 2017) because I wasn’t my version of “perfect”.  These are just a few small examples and as I write this, it makes me see even more that these thoughts are poison.

I’ve come to realize I’m quick to love routines and love even more to perfect them.  Although I know that it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, this holds me back and allows room to be extra hard on myself.  This habit will never allow me to learn, grow and experience the wonderful life God has planned.

I feel empowered to go beyond what is easy and natural for me.  Thank you again for sharing your gift, I’m so very thankful God placed your messages in my path.  I’ll be reading your books next and can’t wait!



I started this confidence coaching journey because originally I wanted to help people find freedom from body image issues – I wanted to share strategies on how to learn how to have body confidence; now, this has obviously morphed into more than that, but I have a heart for my core … body confidence.

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Upcoming episode on “what to do when your worst fear in the world happens”

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