In this week’s episode of Confidence on the Go, we’re chatting about:

  • 9 Ways to Practice Being Present
  • How Being Present Can Elevate Your Confidence
  • A Limited Time E-Book Giveaway for You

Just a quick hello to all of my Keep the Faith listeners out there – thanks for being part of the community of contagious encouragement.


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You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present.”― Jan Glidewell

The beauty of this day doesn’t depend on its lasting forever.”― Marty Rubin

No amount of regretting can change the past, and no amount of worrying can change the future.”― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present.”― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart


Practice #1: Stop, close your eyes and be grateful.

(Smell the grass, feel the breeze, watch the leaves on the trees, study your children’s eyes, etc.)

Practice #2: Have more fun.

(It’s impossible not to be present when you are having fun)

Practice #3: Train your confidence.

(When you are in a state of confidence you are not anywhere else – you are not in the past, beating yourself up for mistakes or follies, and you are not in the future, anxious or worried about what might happen that is or isn’t in your own control).

Practice #4: Do less.

(Put space between things, change your expectations on what needs to get done, and focus less on achieving and more on enjoying the process.)
Practice #5: Move your body.

(To become aware of your breathing and your heart beating)

Practice #6: Give Generously

(Shift your focus from you to others and find a way to give in any way that you can.)

Practice #7: Reframe Happiness

(Reframing happiness – let go of the “when” attached to it)

Practice #8: Savor Intentionally

(Food and life and people)

Practice #9: Chase beauty.

(Marvel at the world, at character, at goodness, at the things that slow you down and fill up your heart – for they are the richness of the world, greater than any tangible currency of wealth.)



Confidence, is, in its very essence, the ability to live in the present and be fully alive in the moment.   When you are confident you are free from anxiety – which is often based in future-forecasting or past-dwelling.

Think about it, when you are confident, you let go of the past.

When you are confident you have faith and hope about the future.

Both of those allow to be free and weightless in the current moment.

What happens when you are fully engaged in the current moment is that you function at a higher level of living. Your love is more authentic. Your connection with people more sincere. Your relationship to the world around you more sharp and intimate. You ability to impact others more intense.   You are, if you will, more alive in all aspects of the definition.


I started this confidence coaching journey because originally I wanted to help people find freedom from body image issues – I wanted to share strategies on how to learn how to have body confidence; now, this has obviously morphed into more than that, but I have a heart for my core … body confidence.

For a limited time, until I reach 2000 copies given away of my book, I’ve pulled it from sales and am offering it to you, my tribe, because I love you and because I know that this book can change the way you feel about yourself and your body!

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Hi Trish!

Loving you and your podcasts, through you I am loving life & my body, I’m making time for yoga and finding beauty in simple things.

I wanted to ask you whether you have a podcast or a chapter in your book about living in the present. I find myself constantly thinking about the future, in a couple of hours time, tomorrow, next week, that i miss whats happening now. Sometimes my mind is on overload thinking about things i need to do that i often dont listen when people are talking to me, i miss things and have to check back in.

If you have any guidance on living in the present i would love to hear your ideas!

Thanks for being you, Jen

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