In this episode of Confidence on the Go we’re chatting about:

  • How having an overload of baggage can actually turn into the greatest turnaround and blessing in your life if you position it correctly and soak up the message life is giving you
  • The five major ways holding onto your emotional baggage will limit you in life and in love
  • A story from my childhood and one that I share in my book Insecurity Detox that gives you all of the instruction you need to start shedding yourself from the shackles and weight of baggage.

Everyone has baggage; maybe we should help each other carry it.

-Rob Liano

Just a quick hello to all of my Keep the Faith listeners out there – thanks for being part of the community of contagious encouragement.


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It’s hard to be clear about who you are when you are carrying around a bunch of baggage from the past. I’ve learned to let go and move more quickly into the next place.

–Angelina Jolie

Just because you have baggage doesn’t mean you have to lug it around.

-Richie Norton

If God meant for us to carry baggage around, He would have made our skin have little pouches like kangaroos. Or maybe He would have just made it so that each and every one of us were born with huge-ass shoulders to carry the load. Clearly, we weren’t made to carry the weight of the world, kinda makes you wonder why we do it anyway, huh?

-Rachel Van Dyken

How many of us walk around being weighed down by the baggage of our journey? You can’t possibly embrace that new relationship, that new companion, that new career, that new friendship, or that new life you want while you’re still holding onto the baggage of the last one. Let go… and allow yourself to embrace what is waiting for you right at your feet.

-Steve Maraboli


This is perhaps one of the most insidious lies we have come to believe about life, that everything is dependent upon us and that we can change others. We can’t change others, only love them well and meet them where they’re at.

What is your “weight of the world”? What is that one major thing you are desperate to change or to fix? My weights of the world were my parent’s marriage and my imperfect body, and both issues had at the core base of them, a need for certainty and love.

If you are a person of faith, then this is your first action-step because you know that you believe that you are meant to live at peace and are meant to allow God to carry your burdens, so it’s time to stop professing that truth and instead to start believing and living it.


Summer is a season of travel; we leave our normal to leave our stress and emotional baggage behind, but today we are going to be talking about how to leave those things in your every day life, even when you are not on vacation.

An overload of baggage is a blessing because there becomes a point where we simply cannot handle it on our own. Baggage overload forces us to reach out for help, to be vulnerable and transparent and to connect with others.


Oh, and because I believe in full transparency, allow me to share my baggage with you:

Heartache and anger over the complexity of my parent’s marriage

Unhealthy desire to fix their lack of love

Constant disappointment that I could never make my mom happy

Devastation over broken athletic dreams

Shame over my hidden self-hatred and insecurity

Darkness and lies over my addictive and destructive eating disorder behaviors

Guilt over blessings and scholarships, a feeling of being in debt and a need to “prove” self

Emotional brokenness over toxic and abusive relationship

PTSD and fear from sexual assault and rape

Awkward dissociation of self because I felt so different from everyone else in life

Self-criticism over wasted time and wasted life

  1. Weighs you down.
  2. Stagnates you.
  3. Steals energy from you, keeping you from pouring into anything else.
  4. Creates a selfish existence.
  5. Silences you and convinces you that your story has no merit.


Story from Chapter 2 of Insecurity Detox > The Dump

The point: you just have to do the following:

Decide to get rid of the junk

Take action to move it out of your life

Throw it as far away from your heart as possible

Be encouraged that your strength will wary, God will carry the baggage all the way for you

Accept help

Continue going back to the dump


Hi Trish,

I am 23, just moved to Denver a year ago from Indiana and accepted the first job I could find. I graduated with a public health degree and I am seeking to grow as a public health professional. I have been in the job market for about 6 months now and I almost gave up hope thinking I’m stuck in my current job, until I found your podcast. It has encouraged me to stay positive in my job search, but most of all stay positive in all aspects of life. My job search has not been very successful quite yet and it has greatly impacted other aspects of my daily life and I felt as if I was sinking deeper and deeper into my pessimistic thoughts. Listening to you gives me hope to keep pushing for my goals in my career, as well as reminding me to stay positive and be kind to others every single day. Your podcast has helped me so much that I literally just now driving had to pull into the first Barnes and noble store I could find to pick up your book Insecurity Detox. I can’t wait to read it, and I can’t wait to keep pushing to be a better me every single day.

Thank you again, you’re seriously saving me from myself and my current self doubt. I know that I am capable of reaching my goals, I just have to never give up.




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