In this episode of Confidence on the Go we’re chatting about:

  • The ah-ha moment that transformed my body confidence and how it can do the same for yours
  • How to metaphorically rub yourself with literal confidence every day
  • An exercise from Insecurity Detox to help you rise up and increase your awareness of where you want to grow in the blossoming of your best self so that your confidence will shine from that sweet fruit

Lather yourself the protective and freeing power of confidence physically.

SPF: Smile. Play. Forget.

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Check out Chapter 24 in Insecurity Detox, the book.


Body types start at age 1 – the love I have for Ellie exceeds her physical

What are the lies we tell ourselves about love being conditional upon our external frame?


Lather yourself the protective and freeing power of confidence physically.

  1. Embrace your body in the present moment.
  2. Focus on good posture
  3. Never apologize for your body or what you eat
  4. Don’t engage in diet talk with others
  5. Honor your body and give thanks for it
  6. Be aware
  7. Smile more


Valerie – my mom’s next-door neighbor 🙂


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