In this week’s episode of Confidence on the Go, we’re chatting about:

  • The power of your voice and how to trust it
  • How to use it to make it matter
  • Questions to ask yourself so you know where to lend your voice

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>I didn’t trust my voice because I was taught at an early age not to air my family’s dirty laundry, which, in no fewer words, meant, don’t share your story, don’t let anyone know about our pain, put on a front and pretend that everything in your life is okay and good. It was silencing.

>I didn’t trust my voice, or feel like I had a voice for the decade I had my eating disorder because I didn’t trust myself. I couldn’t be trusted around food – I didn’t know whether or not I was going to binge or refrain – and because of that I learned I couldn’t trust myself.

> I didn’t trust my voice when I was in a toxic, abusive relationship because I didn’t think (and he had convinced me of this) that anyone else in the world would love me. So if I spoke up about my pain, about his absence, about his meanness, about his abuse, about his lies, about his drug abuse, then I would lose my shot at love. I didn’t feel like I had worth, beauty or value outside of him and therefore I silenced myself and didn’t speak up.

>I didn’t trust my voice when I started writing my first book – I didn’t think I had found enough healing to really be able to help others, I didn’t think I was a good enough writer even though I loved writing and when I shared with someone that I was writing a book they laughed at me and made fun of my “little writing project”.


>I learned my voice had the power to cut the ties and the lies of a toxic, life-stealing relationship; that I could set boundaries and standards in my life and that, through counseling, journaling and choosing my voice, I could rewrite my confidence and how I saw myself and my future.

>I learned my voice resonated with my personal training clients; they saw life-changing results and I started to see the power and impact of my voice through watching their transformations.

>I learned my voice resonated with my peers and staff through my leadership; the words I said to them impacted them and they blossomed in confidence and success

>I learned that my voice towards myself could change my own inner thought life, and subsequently my external life; I started experimenting with the training of my mind in correlation to my physical training and athleticism as I competed in marathons and triathlons, and through athletic breakthroughs I realized that my mind was much more capable and malleable than I ever imagined possible.

>I learned that the more I trained my own internal voice, the more powerful that voice grew in confidence and surety and wisdom to share with others to do the same.


  1. You have to know that you have a voice.
  2. You have to then practice using it.
  3. You have to learn to trust your voice.
  4. You have to allow yourself grace to grow in how you employ your voice.
  5. You have to know that everything you say matters.
  6. You have to realize that your words can bring life or death to others.
  7. You have to be willing to tell your story (and know that it’s not yours to keep)
  8. You have to choose what causes you want to lend your voice to
  9. You have to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves
  10. You have to use your voice to put more love and hope and wellness into the world


What is my story and what does God want me to share with others?

How could my story encourage others?

Am I willing to be vulnerable and transparent about my story that might voice might resonate authentically?

What is holding me back from letting my voice echo out into the world in a profound way?

What are the things that cause me to doubt or question my voice?

How could I positively impact others by speaking up and using my voice?

Do I really believe that God has a unique purpose for me and that my story matters?

In what ways can I be bold to start using my voice with more intention?


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