Podcast episode about getting the FLAB out of your life; stop being FLABBY and TRANSFORM the way you eat & see food through these mindful eating tips. Learn how to not get FLABBY by ignoring the F.L.A.B in your life with this episode of Confidence on the Go.


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Treat food with respect. Do not use food as a scapegoat.  
F.L.A.B. always leads to mindless eating and more flab in your life!  THANK YOU to Alex Kelly-Maartens of PITAIYO for sharing the FLAB acronym with me and for opening my mind to mindful eating practices! 


Shopping without a list
Shopping while hungry
Eating randomly
Not planning meals
Not pre-planning lunches
Relying on vending machines or take out
Packaged foods as the main source
Eating as a reaction to a difficult emotional situation or stress
Eating in bed, on the couch, in the car
Eating quickly
Eating without utensils
Eating while you watch TV or read
Chewing quickly or incompletely
Skipping meals
Eating everything on your plate
Thinking that you “need…”
Expecting perfection from your habits…”I blew it so I might as well keep blowing it..”
Not paying attention to nutritional content
Feeling guilty
Concluding the change is hopeless
Feeling weak
Focusing on slip-ups as failures
Seeing food as punishment or reward
Not acknowledging your own progress
Obsessing over the scale


Shopping with a list
Shopping after eating
Planning meals
Preparing lunches and snacks
Making time for meal preparation
Realizing “high risk” situations and preparing accordingly
Traveling with snacks
Recognize planning as “healthy and wise”
Eating in one place
Eating mindfully
Paying attention to the texture of your food
Paying attention to the taste of your food
Not drowning your food in sauces to cover up the actual food
Eating slowing
Chewing food thoroughly
Thinking “I want..but I could go without”
Allowing yourself to get back on track
Having a mind of grace towards yourself
Thinking “I can but I choose not to”
Experimenting with new, healthy foods
Serve portions before eating
Eat slowly with utensils
Engaging in conversation and connecting with others while eating
Forgiving yourself for “slips”

30-Day Confidence Coaching Program: Next session starts August 1st, APPLY NOW!


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