In this week’s episode of Confidence on the Go, we’re chatting about:

  • How to know when your goal is pure or prideful and how to know the difference
  • 3 big AH-HA’s and life-lessons I learned while running the 2016 Boston Marathon
  • The art of pursuing excellence instead perfection while keeping your standards high

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Knowing when to know what really matters.

Self-reflection and journaling to determine whether your goal is pure or prideful

How to recover from a desire to prove yourself

Making sure you understand the why behind why you want to do what you want to do

Having the wisdom to know when your timeline for a goal needs to be extended or when you need to stick to it


  • Training for past four months was on point – I was prepared to slash my PR
  • Race recap – sardines, 8 miles of walking day prior, 500,000 spectators, pain at mile 12, hills with cramping and dizziness and a distaste for running, re-adjustment of expectations due to heat and cramps, grace extended to self and re-focused attention on the experience and the history and what my body was capable of doing that day instead of what it wasn’t, seeing Brandon and Ellie at mile 25, turning the corner for the magnificent finish line stretch.
  • Total walking / running of 40 miles in one way to create a perfect day in the memory of my family.
  • Second best time, top 5% of all female finishers


  1. Goals have plasticity to them, and just because they get adjusted, doesn’t mean they have changed or that the re-assessed goal has any less value or valor than the original.
  2. The mindset of a champion in life is that of one who can take unexpected challenge or unanticipated struggle, embrace it and celebrate and acknowledge their strength in the face of obstacles, focusing on what they are doing instead of what they are unable to do.
  3. Putting pressure on yourself or allowing disappointment to be more than a fleeting thought does nothing but crush your potential. Knowing that the pursuit of excellence has a variable scale gives you the ability to soak up the experience and to be open to lessons, strengthening and new wisdom. Being a champion in the pursuit of your goals means that your true goal each and every day is simply to do your best. Period. And, if you are doing that, then you can run your race with your head held high in victory.


Create a mantra for yourself

Focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t

Celebrate the strength or progress you are exhibiting

Continue to push yourself – don’t give up

Expect excellence from yourself, but know that the manifestation of what is excellent will vary depending upon the day

Relinquish the false idea that you have control of everything and instead focus on exceling at what you do have control over


Trish, I had discovered your podcast, when  you had those episodes, then had to switch to a new podcast.   While I subscribed to the new podcast, I hadn’t really started listening to this month.  I have been working on a lot of changes in my life to become a more healthy person.    I  started from the beginning.. I use an app on my android to access them.  I just finished listening to episode 6 the other day.  Last night, I decided to visit your website…

I wanted to know the French phrase, you were saying for self confidence.   I looked up the translation for confidence… and it wasn’t coming up with that.  I am a member of Spark People and I wanted to use that on my member page.

While, I will probably listen to it again, I am not sure I could get the French correct.

I hope you can help.

Thanks so much!

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