In this week’s episode we’re chatting about:

  • How, after decades of not running my own race, I’ve learned to change the way I think
  • Why running your own race can be such a challenge in our day and age – why we are so susceptible to getting pulled into the trap of comparison
  • 5 strategic ways to really start running your own race

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I struggled for years to run my own race, literally and metaphorically. I self-sabotaged my athletic performance in the pool at swim meets the year I started becoming preoccupied with the competition.   Prior to that date I approached the blocks for each race with confidence about myself. I acknowledged my competitors, but never took them into consideration during the race. After that date, my race routine rotated around what the other girls were or were not doing. I watched how long they warmed up in the warm-up pool, I noticed if they stretched before the race and I kept them in my peripheral vision in the water during the race itself. I had a reputation to maintain – one of being fast – so I wanted to make sure I always knew where the other girls were who were trying to catch me. The problem is that in watching what was going on in their lanes I lost sight of my own lane. Before I knew it I was no longer the one to beat. In trying to swim everyone else’s races I lost my own.

The results?

  • Compromised athletic performance and career
  • Decade-long eating disorder and anxiety
  • Two years engaged in toxic, abusive relationship because of status
  • Limited dreams and goals and three years wasted partying and just trying to fit in
  • Pressure and narcissistic desire to prove my worth by being better than others and ensued anxiety when I failed to measure up and when I realized that there would always be someone better, smarter, richer, prettiers


  1. ONE

Culturally we are raised to compare ourselves to one another. We compare grades, clothes, successes, ideas, and experiences.

  1. TWO

We have learned to use comparison as a coping mechanism. Somewhere along the way, we learned that comparing ourselves to someone else – putting that person down in comparison to ourselves – was a way to boost our self-esteem and to feel better about ourselves.

  1. THREE

It’s hard to trust yourself. Even though we all know the story of the tortoise and the hare, we don’t internalize it well; we are always worried about where we are in life in approximation to our age and to others who are in our age bracket. Additionally, we are all familiar with the adage that we are meant to run our own races, the problem is that we don’t trust ourselves enough to know if the path we are walking, or racing along, is actually the path that we are meant to be traveling.


Don’t beat yourself up. Know that being tempted to look around and compare yourself to others is always going to be a part of your brain chemistry and tendencies; don’t be surprised when tempted to engage in comparison thoughts.

Have a morning mantra that reminds you of your truth and purpose.

Be aware of your vocabulary (example: she (actor) is prettier than her (actor) … am I setting myself up to judge and compare even in the ways I might passively speak about actors on TV shows I watch?)

Know your uniqueness. Remind yourself daily that God has a plan created only for you that only you can walk out.

Have more fun. (story of Moe saying “Have fun today!” instead of “have a good day!”)



Thank you so much for sending the guidebook! I can’t believe I actually got a live response via e-mail that’s impressive!! I have to tell you…

I absolutely love your show and everything you stand for! It’s helped me so much to get through the slump I’ve been experiencing the last few weeks of the new year. I’ve found new motivation to do better within all aspects of my life and it started about two weeks ago when I was driving from Arizona back to Utah. Your show inspired me and created a desire to do better!

I think the best thing about your show is the honest information you provide to people. You don’t sugar coat anything and that’s something I greatly appreciate! You tell it like it is while also providing encouragement and uplifting insights that make the hard truth a little easier to hear … and there are so many of us who need to hear it!

I’ve enjoyed the chance to have a positive thought each day. I’ve started at the beginning of your show and I’ve been listening to the messages and topics you’ve shared for the last few years. It’s so fun to see your growth and development as a podcast-er and coach.

Thank you for having such a strong talent for teaching self-improvement and confidence! You’re truly making a difference in the world through one listener at a time.


Myriah Christopherson


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