In this week’s episode we’re:

  • Celebrating LAUNCH / RELEASE day for my book, INSECURITY DETOX!
  • How to win one of 20 prizes I’m giving away today!
  • 9 ways to fast-track your confidence in specific areas of your life (like asking for a raise or putting on a bikini)
  • Oh, and I’m going to share my favorite 15 quotes from the book with you!

Just a quick hello to all of my Keep the Faith listeners out there – thanks for being part of the community of contagious encouragement.

I want to thank each and every one of you who allow me to be a part of your daily life and journey by allowing me to be a voice who delivers truth and confidence to your mind. You are each an integral component of the #BeMoreMovement, a movement – that is, our community – of people committed to being more of who we were created to be so that we can give to the world and be more to the world because of our love.


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…Everyday Ways to Boost Your Confidence

There are three simple insider tricks to a heightened level of natural self-confidence that you can do on a daily basis. Done everyday, you will give yourself a powerful edge on life, for, when equipped with confidence, you can conquer anything in your path!

Often overlooked due to a lack of time, stretching is perhaps one of the greatest investments we can make with our time, which is a truth that confident people know. If you make a habit of stretching first thing in the morning, when your feet hit the floor from your bed, you will set yourself up for both physical and mental success for the rest of the day. By taking a mere two minutes to honor your body with slow stretches and breathing, you are telling your body that it is valuable and you are telling your day that you have ownership of it – that you are not in a rush, nor are you behind. You are in control, of your time, of your body, of your breath, and of your thoughts, and combined, those elements give your confidence a natural high. Furthermore, when we slow down to honor our body first thing in the morning, we set ourselves up for good nutritional choices throughout the day; and, when we make good nutritional choices we naturally feel better – and more confident – in our skin.

Complimenting others is a sneaky way to actually boost your own self-confidence. What we put out into the world is what we will receive in turn, and so, when we compliment others – even before the boomerang effect takes place – we will begin to reap the reward of positive affirmation simply because we are saturating our mind with good things. When we think good things about other people, and voice them to them, we create an environment of good thinking for ourselves.   The level of our self-confidence depends entirely on the atmosphere of our thought patterns, so compliment away and you will start to naturally compliment yourself too.

Writing in a gratitude journal everyday is likened to writing down everyday that you are choosing joy. It is a public proclamation to choose confidence. A simple, uncomplicated list of reasons why one is thankful, a gratitude journal’s sole purpose is to put the author’s mindset and heart in the right place to prepare for the day to come.   By taking time to reflect upon and identify that for which you are grateful, you are laying the groundwork of a heart filled with appreciation and hope, or, in other words, the making of a confident spirit. Confidence happens when we choose joy and gratitude every day of our lives, no matter how that day went or what circumstances we might have faced. Confidence is a choice and a gratitude journal reminds us of just that.

…When Asking for a Raise

The most difficult part about asking your boss for a raise is the decision to do so. Before you ask for a raise, you need to first have the confidence to know that you are indeed worth a raise. Boost your confidence about your value at work by making a list of everything you have successfully done or contributed to your professional environment in the last 90 days.   Too often we forget just how much we have accomplished, so creating this list will trigger your memory to create a foundation of confidence about the value you bring to the table in your current employment position.   Once you have a refreshed sense of your value, prepare for the “ask”. It’s imperative to go into the conversation with your boss with confidence, being unafraid of any outcome. The reality of asking for a raise is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain (think of what you might be able to do with your extra income…shopping spree, paying down debt, that European vacation you’ve always dreamed of…); muster up the confidence to know that you are worth more than you are currently being paid, pick a date on the calendar to speak to your supervisor about your request, and then do it!

…When Putting on a Bikini

The secret to having confidence when putting on a bikini is to know that no one else is looking at your body the same way you are. Meaning, no one in the world is nearly as critical of you as you. So, if you are feeling awkward, nervous, bloated or insecure when thinking about the arrival of swimsuit season, keep in mind that you are way more beautiful than you think you are. To boost your confidence before you put on your bikini and prepare for a day of fun in the sun, take just two minutes to do this mind-body connection meditation. While in your birthday suit, stand with perfect posture – tall, with your spine fully extended, your shoulders back, your core tight and your chin slightly lifted. Inhale and exhale deeply for thirty seconds, repeating the mantra “I am beautiful and I am proud of every inch of my body” to yourself as you do so.   After you repeat the mantra at least five times, proceed to putting on your bikini, then, pause for another moment, inhale and exhale deeply for thirty seconds, and repeat “I am beautiful and I am proud of every inch of my body” again five more times and you are ready to walk confidently in the skin, and bikini you are in!

…When Walking into a Restaurant to Meet Someone for a Date

The key to confidence when you are entering an uncertain environment or situation can be found in a smile. No, you aren’t smiling for other people; you are smiling for yourself because a smile communicates and internal message to yourself that you feel great. Coincidentally, a smile has been reported to convey confidence, and so, by smiling, you convey to others that you are confident. When others perceive us to be confident, we often end up feeling confident.   In addition to your smile, make intentional eye contact with everyone you see, as eye contact is another marker of confidence. If you entering a restaurant for a blind date remind yourself that you are there to make a new friend, and smiling is a great way to start friendships. You can feel confident that your blind date will go well because, no matter what happens, you have the opportunity to practice making new friends and being a walking embodiment of confidence. There’s no reason to be nervous about a blind date – a blind date is like a movie. You might like it, but never want to see it again. You might hate it, and you can always walk out without finishing it. Or, you might love it, and you can see it again.

…When Giving a Presentation

Public speaking tops the charts as one of the most commonly held phobias, with a great majority of adults fearing it more than they fear death. This is good news for you if you’re feeling nervous about giving a presentation – you can be confident because you know that you are supposed to feel nervous and scared. Additionally, since most people are afraid of speaking you more often than not are thereby granted a kind and supportive audience. Usually, when you are presenting, everyone else in the room is glad that it’s you up and there and not them.   To boost your confidence for an extra edge of poise the next time you are giving a presentation, take five minutes to what Harvard Business School Professor Amy Cuddy calls the “power pose,” which is a simple, standing pose with your arms extended over your head in victory (think: an athlete crossing the finish line of a race) and a smile on your face. Her research has concluded that this powerful body language pose communicates a deep and internal sense of confidence to the poser.   Do the power pose somewhere private – Cuddy recommends a bathroom stall – and use the time to concentrate on your main speaking points and on why the words you are about to share with others will make a difference in their lives.

…When Doing Something for the First Time

There is a first time for everything, and everyone – no matter how easy they might make something look – had a first time. Rev up your confidence before launching into doing something for the first time by simply remembering that everyone starts somewhere.   Furthermore, let your inexperience be reassurance to you that you don’t have to feel comfortable, or like a natural, when you try something for the first time. Sometimes, doing something new is hard, so it’s important not to let the difficulty of something reflect upon your capability and instead to remember that what starts off hard will, with time and confidence, eventually become easy.   A quick-fix to boost your confidence for the next time you standing on the daunting brink of trying something new is to repeat the phrase “I am good at doing hard and new things” out loud, a minimum of five times.

…When Telling Someone Something Awkward or Uncomfortable

It’s hard to have hard conversations, but in order to have great relationships – with people close to you and with acquaintances – you must be willing to speak the truth. When preparing yourself to have an awkward or uncomfortable conversation, remind yourself that one of the core values that makes you a confident person is that you are committed to being truthful with the people in your life. As long as you always communicate truth from a place of love you can rest assured that the conversations will ultimately be well received. It’s easy to put off these types of situations, but avoidance won’t do anything other than build fear and cause you to feel insecure about your relationship or interaction with that person. Confidence is dramatically increased in us when we decide to be unwilling to let fear or insecurity make decisions for us.

…When Feeling Intimidated At The Gym

The secret about the gym that no one tells you is that no one cares about anyone else there except for themselves; meaning, there is no reason for you to feel intimidated. People are too engrossed in their own workouts and in their own self-consciousness about what you might think of them or of what they are wearing to have the spare capacity to think about whether or not you are performing an exercise incorrectly or how you look in your workout outfit. Though many people think the gym is a petri dish for judgment, it’s actually quite the opposite. Everyone is there to work on themselves and their primary focus is on just that: themselves, not you. So, let loose, and give yourself free reign to feel comfortable trying out new machines or new exercises at the gym. Be confident in yourself because you are doing something good for your health.

…When Being Interviewed For Your Dream Job

When it comes to your dream job or a dream opportunity, there is no reason to allow your nerves to get in the way of blocking your confidence. If you have been given a dream, or feel like you have a calling on your heart, then it is your destiny to fulfill it and live it out. In short, if it’s meant to be, it will be. So, take the pressure off yourself before that big interview by focusing instead on just presenting the best version of yourself possible, which is your true self. Boost your confidence naturally in preparation for that big interview or big opportunity by doing a mini practice interview with someone you trust and love. Make sure you have a confident grasp on the why behind why an opportunity might be your dream, and by doing so, you will then be able to confidently communicate that you really are the perfect person for the job.


  1. The tracks of insecurity that lie in our minds are deeply ingrained, but they do not have to stay that way. You can disable those tracks by changing the vocabulary of your mind.
  2. You are who you are meant to be, and the only risk you have of being only half-enough is if you don’t believe the truth of who God says you are.
  3. The ultimate cleanse that you can experience is the comprehension that God loves you and that you, by simply being you, are destined to play a beautiful role in the story of the world.
  4. We are not called to live boring, ordinary, or average lives. We are called to be heroes. Ordinary people who do extraordinary things because of God’s love.
  5. God takes what we contribute to ourselves and toward others and multiplies its effect. Therefore, the better we know ourselves, the more of ourselves we can give, and the larger contribution we can make. When you know what you love to do, know how God has gifted you with talents and passions, and know that you want to help others, then you can really make a contribution in this world.
  6. It is in our difference that lays our greatest beauty; unfortunately, for many of us it takes years to realize that being out of place is exactly what gives us our place.
  7. It’s time to stop chasing and start living. Remove yourself from the never-ending rat race of approval and just run your own race. Your race doesn’t have a finish line – it only has a path: to enjoy God as He enjoys you, and to love others.
  8. Be big-minded. Being big-minded is the same as being sig-souled – that is, having an attitude that God is great and that His story of glory will prevail through your life no matter what happens. Life will have problems, but a big-minded person knows that god is always bigger than any problem or hurt or pain that can exist.
  9. The problem with perfectionism is that it separates us from any ability to find contentment. Perfectionism actually brings out the worst in us as it compels us to believe that nothing we do will ever be good enough.
  10. You can move the world with enthusiasm; but before you move the world, you must first move yourself. To move yourself you must move your heart by engaging its enthusiasm.
  11. Stress inhibits the potential of our lives, often convincing us to dream smaller dreams than we have within us.
  12. Confidence is yours, available to you with a simple expansion of your perspective. There is no radical change that needs to happen, rather a day-by-day transformation of seeing ourselves as God sees us.
  13. Be confident in the weathered version of you. The waves have molded you, smoothed over your sharp edges and brought you to new shores of life that you may have never considered possible before. Our life waves carry us deeper into confidence by deepening our confidence in the God who carries us through the storms.
  14. Real change doesn’t happen overnight. It isn’t radical but rather happens in small shifts and tiny adjustments.
  15. Those who have a passion for learning have a voracious appetite for life.


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Hi Trish, I listen to your podcast every week and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the words you share. When I’m running I can put into words the many ways you have helped me but when I get back to my laptop I’m never as articulate as I was 5 miles from home! I’d love to tell you how one particular episode has spoken to me, but to be honest, each one has an important message and I’m always learning something new. So I’m hoping a simple thank you will be at least a start in expressing my gratitude <3  – Shona

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