In this week’s episode we’re chatting about:

  • How being in our own heads too much can prevent us from ever being able to really be happy
  • 3 practical ways to get out of your head
  • Why I am confident that you have the ability to have a full life, and how to do that.

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I was in my own head most of my life.

  • As an athlete it caused the demise of my full career and evoked great anxiety around competitions and races. The more I stayed in my head, the more pressure I put on myself, the more isolated and anxious I became, and the more tight up and withdrawn from real life I was.
  • As someone who was mentally ill with anxiety and addiction, I spent a decade caught up in my own head, obsessing over calories, impressing others, not being enough, getting to the next measureable threshold of “success” and other general perfectionistic tendencies.

The result?

I was a happy person, but I wasn’t really happy.

I thought myself a fool to want anything “more” so I resigned myself to more of the same.


(Note: all three strategies demand self-honesty)
{{One: Serve others.}}

When my heart becomes self-centered, and as I like to call it, “ugly” I am self-obsessed. It is impossible to get out of your own head when you are all that is inside of your head. The best way to remove yourself from this catch 22 conundrum is to forcibly remove yourself by making other people your focus.   I think it would do us well to be honest enough with ourselves to admit just how selfish we can be, because once we realize that that is half of the problem, we can begin to pray through and work through that self-obsession and can turn towards others with a genuine desire to love them, without any ulterior motives for our own benefit (though, it might be noted that no matter what, when we love others well, we always reap a benefit).

{{Two: Put on blind-folders.}}

This is a constant battle for me so to help me stay disciplined in this habit, I imagine my metaphorical horse blinders like a metaphorical garment of clothing – an essential one like underwear – that I need to put on every day.   When I forget my garment – I am vulnerable.

Comparison is the thief of joy, and since we are programed to compare ourselves to others by every where we turn in society, we need to be on guard and on the defense to not allow our joy to be stolen from us.

The active decision to remove and replace comparison-based thoughts is a big deal. Celebrate every time you succeed at doing so! This takes great strength and a deep-souled wisdom.

{{Three: Pursue a different goal.}}

Make it your goal to live well, and to live beautifully, and to grow continually so that you might love well and decide that that might be the mark of your life well-lived. When we obsess about the marker and goal of “success” it’s a momentary high until it becomes a moving finish line.

Imagine how you want others to speak about your life. Do you want to be impressive or do you want to make an impression?


To have a fuller life, you first need to know and recognize that what or how you are living isn’t “full”.   Sometimes, we battle with fears of life being too good – I know this is something my husband feared for the first few years I knew him. He was raised in his thinking to believe that the second shoe would always drop and that he didn’t deserve or have access to happiness, so he resigned himself to believing that happiness was a myth of fairytales and not available to him. That is not to say that life’s not hard, because it is, but we can do happy things and hard things at the same time – even though we might not always think it, they actually go well together.

Decide what you want your life to look like. What is fullness to you? How can you know where you want to end up if you aren’t sure where you are even going?

Often we don’t live out the fullness of life due to our own small dreams and limited thinking, as discussed on last week’s episode, #155 about how to detox insecurity. I’m convinced that anytime we find ourselves on the sidelines of life we are actually cowering behind some excuse / manifestation of insecurity….and that insecurity needs to and can be detoxed.


Hi Trish

I just wanted to thank you and show you how far you can touch people, I have been listening to you since beautiful body bistro and you have been impacting my life in a positive since I found you.   I still to this day battle negative body image (which i am working on ) but more recently I was working a job that I was hoping would set up myself and my fiancé up with a home and to start our new lives together…. I worked a fly in fly out job (with me away from home and my family a month at a time) and on my last swing I was a victim to work place bullying.

I am a strong person who has worked in quite a few hard kitchens as a chef in Australia and the words of two people made me crumble to a small piece of who I am. I doubted who I was and what I am able to do, I was told my food was inedible and that my whole crew complained (I did find out that they were lying) but after been kicked down so hard I questioned everything I did.   I knew I could continue I this job and with the support of my family and friends I chose to walk away from negative and for no better words bad people. I has been your words I have listen to too keep me going. I have since called my old job to see if I could come back and not only could I come back but they open their arms, I had an opportunity to apply for a high position that I won and with in weeks I was offered a management position.   I am with the belief that everything happens for a reason and thus for me was to make me stronger, I grew from this negativity and became stronger from the help of family , friends and your words.   I have had a number of people that know my story ask how I have gotten through I have told them the truth and said Trish Blackwell’s words have helped me get pass this and more on.

Last night I got this gift from a friend I need to share with you as I believe you are as much a part of this, you Trish are a wonder women.

Thank you for your words, you have the power to touch so many people


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