In this week’s episode we’re chatting about:

  • Why most of us don’t know the truth about ourselves and how to change that
  • How to collect up that which people say to you so that you believe the truth about yourself.
  • What I mean by having a “pocket full of sunshine” stored away for yourself and how to create your own

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The world around us tells us who they want us to be or who we could be categorized to be, but it doesn’t tell us who we really are.

We have listened to old voices or toxic words from our past and allowed those to set the limits and boundaries of who we are and of our potential

Many of us are simply too busy to slow down and actually spend time in self-reflection, journaling and personal development growth to have any clarity or insight as to who we really are. We can’t authentically have a grasp on ourselves unless we live life slow enough – in the rush we lose out.


Slow down.

Read more.

Engage in creative pursuits.


Sign up for a coach or personal development program.

Make lists.

Try new things.



Seek out what God says about you.

Saturate your mind over and over and over again with truth.


We are programmed to remember negative things more than positive things. I know that you can give me 100 compliments, and 1 harsh criticism, and I will belabor over that criticism, feeling exposed, vulnerable, rejected and small. So, in other words and in many ways, we are programmed to collect un-truths and negatives. To overcome this habit, we need to replace it. We need to replace it with an intentional collection of truth.

Brandon calls these gems.   He’ll come home from work and share the gems he got through the day. He acknowledges what people tell him, and thank them for handing him a gem. We laugh together at the image and vision of Ellie playing in a ball pit, trying to gather all the bags she can into her arms.

Collect your gems by writing them down. Make a list of them. Or a voice memo. And share them with someone you love and trust, someone who can remind you of them down the road.


I think about gems like little reflections of sunshine, and every time I receive a gem – even through a kind and wonderful interaction with a stranger – I put that gem into my special pocket. Imagine that your pocket is like a special bag or purse with drawstrings you had as a child. It’s a pocket to collect things that are precious; and that is exactly where we put truth – in a safe, and precious spot, because truth is precious.

Create your own pocket full of sunshine by treating truth with the reverence it deserves.

Then, revisit your pocket. Put your hands in it. Let your fingers wiggle around and feel the sunshine. Then pour the sunshine over yourself everyday.

We hear enough negativity and twisted imagery of who we are and of our inadequacies and failings that we must be intentional about filling our lives with sunshine. Why do I call this sunshine? Because it’s truth, and where there is truth, there is light, and we get light from sunshine. It’s simply really, if you want more light in your life, let the sunshine more brightly.


Sarah McKeon

My name is Sarah McKeon and I am a fellow wellpreneur who was fallen in love with your podcast.  I resonate with your energy and appreciate your honesty and whole-hearted approach to your life and work.

I am a mother of 3 children (ages 11, 7, and 5) whom I homeschool; I am an organic homesteader/farmer in Costa Rica; and I am a budding wellness coach and LIFE ENTHUSIAST!


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