• What is duck syndrome – and how it has become a toxic part of your life
  • Why fighting against it will increase your happiness.
  • 5 specific ways to stop the syndrome


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In 2003, Duke jolted academe with a report describing how its female students felt pressure to be “effortlessly perfect”: smart, accomplished, fit, beautiful and popular, all without visible effort. At Stanford, it’s called the Duck Syndrome. A duck appears to glide calmly across the water, while beneath the surface it frantically, relentlessly paddles.

The perception of a perfect life

“believes social media is a huge contributor to the misperception among students that peers aren’t also struggling.”

It’s easy to see how this could contribute to a feeling of loneliness and helplessness.


  1. Because Ellie is obsessed.
  2. Because I have suffered from both sides of effects of duck syndrome


  • Inauthentic
  • Isolating
  • Exhausting
  • False and based on lies from our enemy
  • Discourages us and discourages others – lifts no one up
  • Self-glorifying – when we fall prey to duck syndrome we are focused on impressing others, not necessarily on making an impression in the world


  1. Be honest with your struggle
  2. Let people see your mess
  3. Live to love and build up others – not yourself
  4. Acknowledge your hard work (and give yourself periods of rest to glide)
  5. Change your goals (go against perfectionistic thinking and other people’s opinions / strive to significance, not success)


Brookolyn Alexis


I love your podcasts!! It’s really been enlightening. I  specially love your goalsetting podcast where you talk about enjoying the moment and how your watch broke so you had to just be present. 🙂

I’ve been playing them as I clean the house and my mom and dad will over hear it and come to me later saying how much they like the podcast too haha!

Anyway, you say it really helps you if your listeners leave feedback on iTunes but I’m embarrassed to say I have no clue how to do that lol! I tried to figure it out to no avail. Would you mind explaining that to me?

Thanks! You rock


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