In this week’s episode we’re chatting with John Maxwell leader Rachael Bodie about:

  • The real definition of leadership
  • Practical ways to develop more leadership traits in yourself
  • How to develop our inner leaders – to benefit ourselves and our families


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Rachel Bodie, Senior Director, Leadership Development at The John Maxwell Company

Rachael Bodie is part of a small group of consultants selected by John C. Maxwell. She provides customized consulting and training solutions for organizations around leadership and teamwork using the models found in John Maxwell’s resources.

In her role, Rachael consults with various Fortune 500 companies and organizations to create sustainable growth by developing leaders at every level within their organization. Some of the most recognizable brand names include: Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Colonial Life, United Airlines, Popeyes, Gap Inc., CDC, NAPA Genuine Parts Company, Gulfstream Aerospace, and The Department of Defense.

Rachael has been affiliated with John Maxwell since 2005 and this relationship, coupled with her business expertise and strategic approach to leadership development, has translated to business success for her clients. She believes whole-heartedly in the notion that leadership is a process and develops daily, not in a day. This is a belief she applies personally and is one that influences her work with every client.

Rachael attended the University of Georgia and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She resides in Atlanta, GA, with her husband Matt and their two daughters, Grayson and Lily. In her free time, Rachael enjoys all things fitness related and reading the latest business book.


Leadership is influence.

Intentional Living: Choosing a Life That Matters, by John C. Maxwell



Christine Barhold

I listened to both your podcasts on the subject of #SwitchingToSafer.  It was an awakening.  I really never paid much attention to chemicals and impacts on one’s health, but it makes 100% sense.  The rise in Cancer rates, Diabetes, ADHD, Allergies in kids and adults, etc.  There is a direct connection, no doubt.  I find Doctors and pharmaceutical companies just want to treat the symptoms.  With my own experiences, I know the benefits of change in my life.  Getting back to basics, with whole, organic foods just makes me feel better.  Removing caffeine and drinking more water, exercise, etc.  They have a profound impact on how my body feels.  I completely agree with you that taking some small steps to improve what I put in my body and around my body will certainly have long term benefits. The bottom line, I am not acting out of fear, but I’m more educated on the topic, thank you for that.  If there are things I can do to help support my health, then I should.

While I listened to your podcast, I got kinda angered that corporations aren’t required to disclose their proprietary ingredients.  Being in the corporate world, I understand the legal aspects and the fact that billions of dollars drive the industries.  It is just not right!   I have adult Eczema for several years.  Doctors want me to treat it with creams with steroids. My “aha” moment was, is it my face cream or gel products I use in my hair?  Could it be the detergent in my bedding or cloths?  The fact that law makers and industries want to keep us in the dark to maintain shareholder profits and not give us the facts to make our own decision got me fired up!

Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues (including, but not limited to asthma, learning disabilities, cancer and infertility) are on the rise, and due in some part to our ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals. The average woman uses 13+ products a day.  Make up and personal care companies are not required to list ingredients and use hundreds of harmful, toxic chemicals.  After learning this I was fired up.  I needed to make changes in the products I use for my family and for myself.  But that wasn’t enough, so I decided to join forces with Beautycounter as an educator and consultant.

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