In this episode we’re going to be chatting about:

  • How you really view yourself
  • What would happen if you started seeing yourself how God sees you – as a very, important person
  • How by treating yourself as a VIP you will in turn be able to really love on others and treat them as VIPS, spreading the love and confidence you have been given to them to then pass it on even further 


    My family and I are now proud residents of Ashburn, Virginia – leading me to be excited to share with you all many of the new lessons I’m learning about how to embrace change. Even though the move was just a short two hours in distance, we are still getting ourselves acclimated and settled in…giving me all the more time to really dwell on and digest the lessons I’m learning and am excited to share with you.The Confident Mom Podcast is on its way … stay posted for more information.

Recently the pope came to the US – it was amazing to watch the honor with which he was treated. Like any Very Important Person (VIP), every move he made was tracked. Other examples have surfaced recently in various conversations with friends….people we mention or refer to as “a big deal” or as someone of “great influence.”   It made me think – is perhaps one of the most dangerous threats to our confidence the fact that we often miss out fundamentally as seeing ourselves as VIPS?

Yes, what I’m telling you today is that you are kind of a big deal.

And not just kind of. You are.

Here’s the thing that struck my heart: we are all VIPS, particularly in God’s eyes.  The more I think about this, the more inspired I feel.   I consider the most recent VIP treatment I received – which was for my wedding and honeymoon two years ago in Bora Bora. We stayed at a five-star resort, and our absolute every need was attended to before we even thought of it. The resort staffs cared about our experience and about how our days were going …all in an effort to orchestrate the absolute best environment to allow us to really live it up in Bora Bora.


See yourself as God sees you – as very, very important.

Know that God knows and cares about your every move and your every day.

Treat yourself with kindness and self-respect; give yourself the tools and opportunities to shine and to be presented in the best light

Stop second-guessing your worth – VIPs know that they are VIP.

Give yourself permission to experience life in all its wonder


Honor others with words of affirmation and love

Help others see how unique and beautiful they are

Tell others about how important they are to you and to the world

Put their needs and interests into a category of priority and interest to you

Serve others as if you were the support team of a VIP, making their experience of life well supported and beautiful

Listen to others – let them have the opportunity to be known

The bottom line is that we all desperately desire to be known. This is a desire that has been sown into our hearts. We crave connection.   The thing is, unless we allow ourselves to really be known, we will never be able to have that connection we are built to have. I don’t believe that we can arrive at a true, authentic connection with others until we are first kind to ourselves. If we allow self-criticism to control and shadow our minds, we will be forever ruled by feelings of inadequacy and of never quite measuring up. It is impossible to know and rest in our worth and value as individuals if we entertain anything other than the mindset of a VIP.

My final food for thought for you:

What would happen if we treated everyone we know as a very important person?

How would your relationships with them – with people close to you and with people who simply cross into your path of life – be changed and transformed?

And furthermore, what would happen if you treated yourself with the respect and honor you would give to a very important person? How would your confidence change? What would happen in your life and in what you do?   What would be possible for you if you weren’t burdened with feelings of doubt or insecurity?


Vickie Dyer

I just listened to your podcast about affirmations. I want to thank you for the role you have played in my transformation. I am 55 years old, I have 29 years drug and alcohol free, I’m a diabetic, I have an under active thyroid. I had a doctor once tell me I would never lose weight with these obstacles. I took these words to heart and thought that that meant I could eat whatever I wanted, however much I wanted. In January a hit a bottom like never before. I was sick and tired of feeling the way I was feeling but didn’t know how to stop. I knew I was killing myself. I want sleeping through the night because my snoring was keeping my husband awake. I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs. I get winded walking into the store. I lived in baggy clothes, if I could find overt sized clothes in my size. I finally reached out to a friend and asked for help. After listening to your podcasts for 3 months, I finally was done. I have changed my diet and am eating healthier. I am exercising now. Since the beginning of May, I have lost 43 pounds. That in its self is amazing. Everyday I discover even more. My baggy clothes don’t fit anymore and don’t work for me. I can now walk up and down stairs. I walk with confidence and purpose today. I can look myself in the mirror and not cringe. I have an amazing support group that keep me accountable. I’m am lowering my diabetic medicine and my thyroid medicine with my doctors guidance. I just wanted to let you know how your positivity had made such a HUGE difference in my life.


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Be more of who you are. Be you. Be free.



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