In this week’s episode we’ll be chatting about:

  • What a mantra is and why you should create some of your own
  • How to make mantras work for you
  • What happens when you ditch a mantra


To you for being you!

Thank you to everyone who has shared this podcast show and thank you to everyone of you who considers yourself a “Be More-er”…someone committed to being more of who you are.


The word mantra itself is from Sanskrit origin. The prefix of the word, “man” means “mind” in Sanskrit, and the suffix, “tra” originates from the root word “instrument.” Pieced together a mantra literally means “instrument of the mind.” The mantras you create in your personal vocabulary empower you to literally use your words – and your mind – as an instrument to get you where you want to go.


  1. Choose clear and defined statements.
  2. Write them down.
  3. Repeat them.
  4. Believe that repeating them does make a difference in your outcome.
  5. Repeat them.


I am beautiful.

I am loved by God.

I am loved by my family.

Today I will love others.


  • I am strong and I finish every race faster than when I start.
  • I love running and today is all about enjoying that movement to the fullest.
  • I will celebrate every mile with a positive attitude, no matter how my body feels.
  • I love being out here with people and will encourage everyone I see.
  • I am happy as I run towards challenges – literally in this race and metaphorically in life, and as I move I will celebrate the challenge, challenges are my jam!


At least two people told me about how great Trish Blackwell’s podcasts were before I started listening to them myself, and I don’t often get podcast recommendations.

That was months ago, and now I’m over 50 podcasts in: completely hooked and worried about getting to the end of the archive and joining the rest of the tribe in waiting for a weekly fix.

Blackwell is a perky badass: a sincere bundle of enthusiasm whose positivity is tempered with a no-nonsense attitude. All her advice and wisdom comes from a place of love and kindness, but there’s a hard edge to the advice she gives: if you’re moaning about how impossible your life is or ‘throwing yourself a pity party’ as she calls it, she’s here to snap you out of it.

She’s contended with anxiety and an eating disorder, as well as sexual assault, and her outlook on life is out-and-out inspirational. I listened to her podcast on anxiety late in 2014 and it turned a light on inside me – before that I’d only been conscious of my depression, and hadn’t even realised that I also have a day-to-day anxiety that actually has way more impact on my day-to-day life.

It was listening to Trish’s podcasts that spurred me on to commit to making exercise a habit. She says, quite rightly, that it’s your choice how you spend your time. Unless you are literally working every waking hour of the day, you’re making choices with your free time that aren’t healthy. It’s your choice not to exercise, not your lack of time. Listening to her talk about fitting in exercise finally turned a switch in my head: it’s up to me whether to take care of my body or not. I’m not busy constantly, and until a month ago I was spending at least five hours of every week in a pub, and around the same amount watching TV.

Since I decided to start exercising regularly I’ve changed my lifestyle to make it possible. Two mornings a week I wake up at 5:50, chuck on my running gear (including some pink fluorescent gloves in cold weather) and get out on the common. I have to get to bed early before those runs, or I don’t get the most out of them. Then I go for a mid-morning run at the weekend, I swim a bit and I do Pilates and yoga at home.

A month ago I woke up groggy, rushed around the house to get to work on time and made it through the day thanks to sugar, but now I feel so energetic and positive about my life and about managing my physical and mental health every day. I can’t emphasise enough the positive impact that Trish’s words have had on my life: I finally feel as if I’m becoming myself and living the life I was supposed to live, and it might never have happened without the words his woman generously puts out into the world once a week.

If you’re a through-and-through cynic you’ll probably hate her, but that’s precisely why you need her.

Have a look at Trish Blackwell’s incredibly pink website, which is full of free resources for boosting your confidence and taking care of your body, mind and soul.


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Be more of who you are. Be you. Be free.



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