For a life well lived, these 32 life-tenants have shaped and transformed my life – they took years of roughness to become beautiful and truly part of my life, which is exactly what makes them so beautiful. 


In today’s show we will be chitchatting about:

  • The 32 things I have now learned at 32 
  • How these 32 truths have changed my life
  • A strategy on how to assess the waves your life to look for the prize


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Here’s my little collection, the pieces of sea glass I keep in my mental pocket…the beautiful products of lessons learned from my trials, pain, heartaches, disappointments and my seasons of challenge:

  1. An action-taker will have a life well lived. Living is an action – something that we choose to do and engage in, not something that happens as a by-product or by chance. By becoming people of action, we will live life with forward momentum, and not stuck in the stagnancy of what ifs or maybe one days.
  2. Love is always the right answer. No matter what happens, how someone else wrongs you, or what you want to do, love always wins. When we live daily with the aspiration to do all that we do with love our days will never be lacking. Love is everything. Love God, love your neighbor, love your parents, love your family, love your friends, love your community, love yourself, love the world around you, and love strangers.
  3. Happiness is a state of being that is grounded by having an attitude of gratitude. A spirit of gratitude is like water to the flower of happiness that lies within each one of us. A grateful approach to life waters our perspective with joy. It is impossible to be unhappy and dissatisfied if you are living with an attitude of gratitude.
  4. The thoughts you choose determine your destiny. The ability to choose your thoughts and your words is perhaps the greatest tool we have been given. Every thought you think is either moving you in the direction of your dreams or away from them. Your thoughts are one of the few things in life that no one else can control or have influence over, and by taking full ownership of your thoughts you can begin to take full ownership of the direction of your life and the impact you will make.
  5. Every day matters. There is no such thing as a day wasted, since every day is an opportunity to grow more and more into the possibility and potential of who we were meant to be. We are new versions of ourselves each day, making every day a day of growth and new possibilities.
  6. The valleys are as important as the mountaintops. Every phase of life – the mountain tops and the valleys – brings with it new beauty and joy that can only be experienced when being lived out
  7. Communication is the key to successful, long-lasting and happy relationships. We were created to be in community and connection with others, and communication is what allows us to do that. In the relationships that matter most in life, there is no such thing as over-communication. The more you communicate your thoughts, your feelings, your expectations, your hopes and your joys with the people you love, the more connected and supportive they will able to be of you and you of them. Communication takes effort, and it isn’t always easy or convenient, but it’s always worth it.
  8. Positive personal growth doesn’t just happen, it occurs as a result of intentional effort. Personal growth is a muscle – it must be worked daily through quiet times, introspection and awareness.
  9. Application of knowledge is true wisdom. Knowledge is not power; application of knowledge is power. Countless potential mentors and teachers surround us in our lives and it is up to us to take action on the knowledge and truths we learn from their example. When we put our knowledge into application we become action-takers who move the world.
  10. We truly can do anything we set our minds to. There is absolutely nothing holding you back in life other than ourselves. The mind is exceedingly far more powerful than we can possibly comprehend. To make the difference in this world that we are meant to make we must let go of our self-imposed limitations, our doubts, our fears and our small thinking, and launch ourselves forward with bold confidence that we can do anything we set our mind to.
  11. When your soul sings, pursue the song further. There are things in life that make your soul sing – these are little things about life that absolutely bring you immense joy. When you discover these passions, these hobbies, these activities and these dreams listen to that song and follow it.
  12. Life is a never-ending adventure. Adventures aren’t limited to just weekends and vacations, but with the right perspective, adventures can be lived out in the mundanity of Monday through Friday.
  13. Perspective is more important than reality. Our perspectives shape our experience, so, it is less about the experience or circumstances that occurred that matters and more what we extrapolated from our experience.
  14. It is never too late to change. We are never too old, never too young, never too under-qualified, never too over-qualified and never too…well, anything…to make a change. The perfect time to put change into action is today.
  15. We are never too old to pursue our dreams. Our dreams have been woven into our hearts for a reason and they have nothing to do with age.
  16. God’s timing is perfect. God is in control of the timing of our lives and as soon as we learn to trust that, and truly trust Him, we will finally find freedom from much of the anxiety that haunts us.
  17. We are not defined by our past. Our past, if emotionally processed properly, has the ability to refine us for the better, not define or confine us to something lesser. The ability to let go of what we did and where we failed in the past gives us the freedom to pursue being the best versions of ourselves with confidence.
  18. There is no replacement for comfort than that of a great big bear hug. We all need more physical touch. Hug more, touch people with kindness and be someone who makes people feel better about themselves after having been in your presence than before they were around you.
  19. Words are the most influential tool we have at our disposal. Words of encouragement speak life to others and to ourselves. We become a product of both the words we think and the words we speak.
  20. The only thing we must do well every day is to be ourselves. The task of being our most authentic selves sounds like an easy assignment, but it actually one of the most challenging undertakings we can pursue. When we know that all we need to do every day is to be our best self, then we can find freedom and confidence to be our most natural selves.
  21. Be brave. We all have the capacity to be brave because courage is an action-based choice. Being brave doesn’t mean that we don’t have fear, in fact, is the act of choosing to be bold and confident in spite of fear.
  22. It’s normal to feel scared. As we pursue living a life worth telling a story about, we will be called to do things outside of our comfort zone. Stepping outside of our comfort zones is scary, but it is where the real magic in life happens. Feeling scared is a good sign that we are pursuing something worthwhile that will grow and stretch us for the better.
  23. Take full emotional responsibility for your life. We are responsible for our emotions – and our reactions – to what happens in our life. Blame, justifications and excuses get us nowhere. Saying “this is just how I am” or “this is just how it is” is a paralyzing mindset that will perpetuate negativity in your life.
  24. It’s our responsibility to be the kindest person in the room. The world is filled with distracted and disengaged people, and as people with self-awareness and a dream to make a difference with our lives, it is our obligation to love others more than we expected to be loved in return.
  25. It’s all about others. The more generous we are to others, the more we will see that life is so much greatest and expansive than the confines of the small world that defines our personal realities. Generosity changes the lives of others, but, since what we give out to others always comes back to us, it ultimately changes our heart for forever. Be generous with your time, your love, your kindness, your compliments, your support, your hugs and your money and you will never regret it.
  26. There is always more time in the day for people. We don’t spend enough time with people in our lives, with friends, with family and with loved ones, and, at the end of the day, there is always time for more time with people. People need people, and people need to make time for people.
  27. Confidence is a muscle that we choose to exercise daily. It is something available to everyone and it is a choice. The more you work the muscle, the stronger your confidence will be.
  28. Prayer is always appropriate. Give thanks during good times, say a prayer immediately when someone requests prayer, make your life an act of living prayer and communication with your creator.
  29. Overthinking life makes life disappear. Overthinking puts us into states of suspension – whether we get stuck in the past or we over-anticipate and over-plan the future – overthinking steals away the one thing we do have: the present.
  30. Forgiveness looks good on your heart. The act of forgiveness releases someone from blame or anger, but more than that, it releases you from the past. The inability to forgive shackles us to the past and keeps us captive; forgiveness isn’t just for the person being forgiven, but it is also for your own freedom and ability to live in the present.
  31. Vulnerability is the secret to authenticity. Authenticity is a powerful characteristic that empowers us to be true to who we were created to be. The way we reach a state of authentic living is by being transparent and vulnerable about who we really are, what our heart longs to do in this world, and our fears.
  32. Our uniqueness is what makes our potential so powerful.  There is absolutely no one in the world like you right now and there never has been another you in the history of the world. You have unique character traits, talents and personality quirks that make you you. It is this uniqueness that makes the potential that lies within you and within your dream just so powerful. There has never been a you before and there never will be a you again, so make sure the you that you live out leaves a mark on this world that will be remembered.


  1. Get a piece of paper out, a journal or open a new Word document
  2. Think about the 3 biggest “waves” of your life, and write them down
  3. Look for 2 lessons from each “wave”
  4. Write down the lessons in list format
  5. Take each lesson and find 3 points about it that you haven’t yet put into full application in your life … these are things you know to be true but that you aren’t necessarily putting into practice on a consistent basis


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Thank you so much for all the heart you have poured into this podcast. Exactly one year ago I found you, when my life felt like it was in shambles and my health was at an all time low. Your words of encouragement were the only thing that could get me out of bed and out of the house everyday.

My health was so bad that I had to quit work and school, and just couldn’t find the motivation to really improve my life. I had NEVER been a runner, but after the new year, I found myself outside every morning, listening to you as I slowly jogged and reformatted my brain back to health. It took everything I had to muster up the energy to get outside, and without your encouraging words I can’t even imagine where I’d be today. I’m so grateful to have found your podcast, and recommend it to everyone.

I know you don’t talk it about it too often, but thank you for not being shy about your beliefs. Besides getting outside and jogging, you encouraged me to start reading my bible daily and journaling every morning. Getting back on a spiritual track was the true thing my soul needed to really heal. I’m proud to say I was baptized last week, just graduated with my bachelors degree in interior design and am beginning to pursue my lifelong dream business as a holistic life designer, in correlation with my yoga teaching.

Thank you for being such an inspiration and I can’t wait to see what great content I get to hear in this next year! Congrats on your blossoming baby as well! Wishing you much health and happiness in the new year!

Much love & thanks,



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