In this week’s episode we are chitchatting about:

  • My top 12 organizational tips that keep my life happy, positive and productive
  • The real story behind how I balance being a mom, a wife and a business owner

Balancing family, faith, fitness, finances and my business and writing schedule…with a newborn baby in tow and a husband who commutes extensively has been challenging and has forced me to realign my priorities and my organizational process.  Here are my top 12 organizational strategies that help me keep my life balanced, productive and happy:

  1. Daily to-do list – keep to 9 things maximum, rating their priorities by A, B and C labeling
  2. Have your workout clothes already out and your workout time decided upon.
  3. Make your lunch the night before – even if you work from home
  4. Keep extras of everything in the car
  5. Create a “swipe page” for all ideas, projects and quotations that inspire you
  6. Text yourself notes – this is the modern day “post-it” that you won’t lose!
  7. Use Sundays to assess and plan out your next week’s priorities.
  8. Identify days for specific tasks (Some of mine, for example are: Financial Friday, Sunday Puppy Maintenance Day, Tuesday Podcast Recording Day, etc.)
  9. Ground yourself every day by doing a gratitude journal and by having a quiet time of some sort. If you want to stay organized you must never been too busy to take care of your basic emotional and spiritual needs.
  10. Refuse to build the muscle of procrastination … always do your most annoying tasks first.
  11. Channel your inner Eleanor Roosevelet every day – do one thing every day that scares you. We typically put off what we dread or what intimidates us and scares us and we then find ourselves with an organizational list that has piled up and overwhelmed us making us feel behind and unable to catch up
  12. Do your Quarterly Confidence Assessment – I do this every 90 days and assess what works for me and what hasn’t worked, what my current challenges are and what I should celebrate.


Trish Welgard

Hi Trish! I heard about you from my best friend a few months ago. But it wasn’t until yesterday that I subscribed and regularly started listening to your podcasts. I am from Canada. But I am currently laying on a beach on Lagkawi island Malaysia. I am currently backpacking throughout SE Asia. Three and half months in out of my six month journey. Fulfilling a dream I have had for years and finally made it happen. A big reason for me going on this trip was because the last couple of years I have went through some large life changing things. My biggest lesson and goals from this has been to gain independence and learn to love myself. Enjoy my own company. Being happy on my own and not needing a relationship to define my happiness. What better way then go backpacking for 6 months on my own at the age of 25! I am on this island right now for these two days because I put myself in a “timeout”! I had been overthinking things and stressing myself out and dealing with so many conflicting emotions and struggling a lot with being on my own on this trip and still enjoying all the moments and experiences of it without having someone to share it with. I was making myself crazy and taking my own happiness away. So I figured I wanted to gain independence and learn to love my own company etc. And I am failing at that right now and it has a negative affect on me. So I am going to a secluded island where I am going to turn my phone off and be disconnected from everything else and only have myself to rely on. To sort through my thoughts. And gain control again. Kind of a go hard or go home mentality. The exception I made to turning on my phone was only to listen to your podcasts. I want to say thank you for all of your positive energy. Your encouragement. Sharing your stories. And thank you for keeping me company these last couple of days and helping me channel my inner strength!

I am officially a faithful subscriber and fan of yours.

Again, simply thank you! For probably more then you realize.

Trish W


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