Podcast Episode #9: CAPACITY VS. POTENTIAL

This episode of Confidence on the Go will inspire you how to “reach” your potential by instead of living in the present and embracing your capacity. Living with confidence in your high capacity will accelerate your confidence and help you eliminate doubt from all areas of your life.

This episode talks about:

How to create a whimsical life, with an office on Tom Sawyer’s Island.

Bob Goff’s book, Love Does

The difference between “capacity” and “potential”

How to live in the PRESENT versus the future

Believing in your own “capacity” so that you can accelerate your personal momentum

“High capacity mantras” (see below):

I have a high capacity for performance

I have a high capacity for adapting to changed circumstances

I have a high capacity to think quickly on my feet

I have a high capacity to believe in my purpose with faith

I have a high capacity to love (myself, others, strangers)

I have a high capacity to take risks and squash fear so that I can live in the present

I have a high capacity and my capacity starts now, not like the potential that lives in the future.

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